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Bike crazy in Barcelona

July 1, 2007


Bicycle Docking Station in Barcelona – Courtesy of Bicing

When a new transportation system, involving bikes, was inaugurated some months ago in Barcelona, there were some doubts about the outlook for this option. Nevertheless, the response has exceeded expectations. The system, that goes by the name of “Bicing“, has become extremely popular, with 50,000 users registered so far in the first 3 months (most updated figures).

To be able to use one of the bikes, a user must first register an account online. The first 30 minutes of bike use are free After 2 hours the bike must be taken back to a parking slot in one of the stations around the city, normally connecting to train and bus stations. 

The success of this system shows that people really are willing to use the bikes, so long as they are easily available (there are soon going to be a thousand five hundred bikes in service and 100 stations in Barcelona) .

Considering the high cost of gas,  there are many cities in the United States with moderate weather and a bustling downtown area where this system might be a good idea. (See AutoblogGreen) Some more bike routes would certainly be needed, but this option would tackle several problems at once (getting to do some exercise would of course be one of them)   


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