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January 31, 2007

Hi from Chicago and welcome to Technology for Life, the blog about technology and Industrial news of the Trade Commission of Spain in Chicago.

We are all at the Trade Commission very excited about starting this blogging adventure, as we are devoted to share solutions and create business oportunities here and in our country, and we think that blogs are a great way to do so.

If you already know us and what we do, we hope that you will find in it a new way to comunicate with us and keep updated with our news, events and seminars.

If you don’t, we hope that by this you may find a new way to get informed about new solutions regarding green, info.  and bio technologies and other industries that we are receiving each day in our mailbox. Some are from here and some come from the other coast of the Atlantic, but are as well of potential interest for you in your industry.

Hopefully, we will create a valuable tool for you as well a valuable resource for your industrial information needs.

From now on, we hope you find us worth reading.