Green urbanism: energy savings in new neighbourghoods in Madrid

We read in the Madrid+D, the News Service of the region about technology that energy saving is going to mark the building of 2 new neighborhoods in Madrid.

Actually, the city’s Housing company, EMVS (Empresa Municipal de Vivienda) is carrying out a project that will develop 2,069 homes focused on energy saving in the in the southern portion of the Spanish capital.

The neighborhoods, named Colonia San Francisco Javier and Nuestra Señora de los Angeles, will mark by the “district heating,” an innovative central heating system that supplies energy for the two neighborhoods by combining solar panels with steam heaters and fuel batteries, transforming gas into heat and electricity.

Heat will be obtained from an underground thermoelectric production plant rooted in state-of-the-art technology that will use an environmentally friendly system with 20 fuel batteries. Income from the sale of this electricity will allow the amortization of the investment.

Unlike the previous projects executed in the 1950’s, Madrid’s new eco-neighborhoods will also be conscious of issues including the orientation of the buildings, thermal and acoustic insulation, potential use of local forests, creation of micro-climates and the limitation of vehicle usage – with a huge bet on bike lanes.

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