Spanish Energy Company to build Wind Turbine Assembly Plant in US

It seems like this is yet another sign that the so-called “Green Revolution” is sweeping America. Acciona Energy North America, which is a subsidiary of the Pamplona-based company,Acciona Energia plans to build a wind turbine assembly plant in the United States. Acciona has narrowed its choice of location to two states: Iowa and Illinois.

Iowa is betting hard on the project and is no novice in winning bids like these. In the last two years, it has had a California-based wind turbine production company (Clipperpower) invest $22 million dollars in building an assembly plant in Cedar Rapids. And just last year, a German-based company (Siemens AF) announced that it would invest $17 million dollars in Fort Madison for a plant to construct turbine blades. Soon enough Iowa may have a labor force experienced in the production of power plants, making it even more of a favorable location for companies seeking to build wind turbine assembly plants in North America.

Of course, you can’t forget the amount of money that Iowa is also putting up in the form of $2.85 million dollars in loans, forgivable loans and perhaps even a state tax-break worth $2.3 million dollars. Why is so much money being offered up by Iowa? Simple: these plants lead to job creation.

This is not the first wind turbine plant in the US by a Spanish company. Gamesa, one of the giants in this industry, has a total of three modern manufacturing centers in Pennsylvania.  They incorporate the latest technological advances, such as the use of carbon fiber in their blades and towers, and have won different awards of excellence for their environmental innovative ways of reusing abandoned steel facilities in the area.

What´s more, around 300 new skilled labor manufacturing jobs, in addition to hundreds of construction jobs, stimulate the local economy around the plants, a feat that many hope to reproduce here in the Midwest. 

We’ll keep you posted!

Source: The DesMoines Register  Pennsylvania Dept. of Environmental Protection

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3 Comments on “Spanish Energy Company to build Wind Turbine Assembly Plant in US”

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  2. I am interested in purchasing a small wind generator, I own 40 acres in north east iowa. what information can you provide me.

  3. lbrice Says:

    A directory that offers many categories for this is Energy Source GuidesThis is what they list for Small turbine providers in Iowa

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