America’s First Off-Shore Wind Farm Could be Built off the Coast of Delaware

Danish offshore wind farm

Take note! An off-shore wind farm may be coming to a location near you!

When people think of wind farms, they probably picture rolling green hills with large white wind towers majestically spinning against a baby-blue sky with a sprinkle of bright white fluffy clouds trailing in the distance.

Yet, if Bluewater Wind, an energy company based in New Jersey, gets its wish, people will start picturing wind towers standing not on rolling green hills, but rather on the bedrocks of the blue ocean. Bluewater Wind proposes to build 200 wind towers off the coast of Delaware. The plan is to either build the towers either 12.5 miles off the coast of Rehoboth Beach or 7 miles off the coast of Bethany Beach so to provide electricity to the residents of Delaware.

Bluewater Wind seems confident in the amount of energy that can be generated off the coast of Delaware. The president of the company went so far as to describe the region as the “Saudi Arabia of wind.”

The proposed plan brings up the usual arguments for and against wind power. While wind towers produce no emissions associated with the greenhouse effect, they are, however, not completely reliable in that they cannot provide a stable pipeline of energy for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The solution to this problem, which came to my mind immediately, and which is cited in my article source, is to have wind power produce as much energy it is capable while having a reserve of provided by other sources of energy in case the wind towers aren’t able to meet demand.

The proposed wind farm off the coast of Delaware could potentially produce 600 megawatts, but this won’t be something that happens every day. On average, the wind farm would probably produce 194 megawatts, enough for the daily needs of 125,000 homes in Delaware.

Bluewater Wind aims to construct the off-shore wind farm by 2012, by then, it would be the second largest wind farm of its kind.


Source: The Journal News

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