Plant a tree, make a difference

One Planet – One Heart – 8 Million Trees

A fellow blogger, Mateosquared features a story about this interesting project. You may also read about it at the U.N. Environment Program (1 billion trees campaign)

tree-nation_logo.gif is a new community website, run by an international team, based in Barcelona, Spain. 

Together with people willing to participate like me and you, they will create a park by planting 8 million trees in the shape of a giant heart in the Saharan desert, to fight Poverty, Global Warming and Desertification. 

Using the latest in mapping technology, people all over the world can choose an exact spot to plant a tree on a virtual map, and a real tree will be planted in the same place in the real world. Soon each tree will be given a unique GPS code that you can use to locate and see your tree.  The virtual trees all have profiles so you can wander around checking out other trees and seeing what’s inside.  You can express yourself with the Tree-Blogs, contribute suggestions, share photos, make contacts and debate on environmental issues.  

Tree-nation will create its park in Niger, the poorest country in the world according to the Human Development Index (177/177 developing countries, 2006), and one of the most affected by desertification.

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