Upping the ante in PV solar plants

In the last couple of years one has been able to read the same headline over and over again, something along the lines of: “The world´s largest photovoltaic plant to be built in ____” (pick your site of choice). 

The records set have proved to be short-lived, as new projects oust old ones from their “number one status” at an increasingly fast pace.

Because, when we thought we had a winner here:

The world’s largest photovoltaic solar power plant is in Pocking (Germany, 10 MW)

Along came:

World largest solar photovoltaic power plant (Serpa, Portugal, 11 MW)

 To be bested by:

World largest solar power plant becomes operational (Bavaria, Germany, 12 MW)

These I mentioned are all operational, but there are huge projects underway to be commissioned soon.

Largest solar pv power for Nevada (U.S.A., 18 MW)

Hold on a sec, we got another one coming:

World biggest pv park – Solar park of the superlative (Beneixama, Spain 20 MW)

Solar plant at Beneixama - Courtesy of City solar AG Solar plant at Beneixama – Courtesy of  City Solar AG

I see your 20 MW and raise 20 more:

Phase one of 40 MW of German Solar Park begun (Saxony, 40 MW)

And, in the planning stages (from Leonardo Energy)  we have the next generation of plants, that will jump to more than 100 MW (see also Technology Review) in a matter of four years:

SunEdison (Baltimore, USA) and SkyPower (Toronto, Canada) are planning a 50 MW plant in the Canadian province of Ontario by the end of 2009

The Spanish company Acciona wants to build a 62 MW plant in Moura, Portugal, by 2010

The Chinese company Zhonghao New Energy Investment plans a 100 MW plant in Dunhuang City (China), to be commissioned in 2011

Firm plans also exist for an 80 MW plant in Brandis, Germany, for a 100 MW plant in the Negev Desert, Israel, for a 116 MW plant in Beja, Portugal, and for a 300 MW plant in New Mexico, USA.

Put on your sunglasses…the Heat is on.

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