A distributed power generation model using solar energy

I was reading some quotes from a fascinating  blog, The P2P Foundation (about peer to peer practices). They came originally from Alternet, interviewing Travis Bradford (of the Prometheus Institute for Sustainable Development) and author of the book: Solar Revolution: The Economic Transformation of the Global Energy Industry.

Travis says that we’re moving towards a distributed power generation model, with solar as the only viable option. 

First quote:

“Solar is different from other energy technologies in that it delivers energy at the point of use, directly to the end user. That allows it to circumvent the entire supply chain. It’s not another option for a utility, it’s a competitor to a utility — the first time utilities have really had a competitor”. 


“Solar is slowly going to begin to unwind the existing utility economics, to the point where utilities decide they have to get in or they risk losing their core business — exactly the transformations we’ve lived through in the last 20 years.

 The solar revolution does not require new breakthroughs in technology. You could do it with the technology we have, scaling it up and learning how to do it incrementally better every year — which is what naturally happens with scale”.

I had just found another video of a very simple way to install solar panels in a roof and I think it complements this story very well. After all, this whole post might prove the point of P2P, people connecting and information being shared and circulating exponentially (it comes from a quote of a quote of a quote…).

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