The new kid on the block

In posts in the last few weeks I have been following the tracks of Spanish investors in the field of renewable energies in the US, such as Gamesa, Acciona Energy, Iberdrola and Naturener. Now it is the turn for an additional entrant stepping up to the plate.  

Elecnor, a diversified holding with a $ 1,030 million revenue in 2005 is coming to Chicago in April to participate in a Spain-US Investment event, with the view to expanding its activities in turnkey projects in the US and, specifically, in the Midwest

We expect to have more news to report about this significant move, given that the Elecnor Group is one of Spain’s leading companies in the field of project planning and development in the areas of renewable energy, electricity and infrastructures. It currently has a presence in over 20 countries and 11 subsidiaries ranging from aerospace to wind power (Enerfin) to production of Solar modules (Atersa).


View from a wind turbine of the largest (150 MW) wind park in Latin America (Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil)

Project developed by Enerfin-Enervento (Elecnor Group)  Picture by Bernardo Fiusa

To give an idea of the size of some of the projects it is currently involved in:

– Through Atersa, Elecnor´s own subsidiary for pv solar energy, it is currently building not one, but two 20 MW pv solar plants in Spain, one in Extremadura (close to Portugal) and another one in Murcia (Mediterranean Coast).  Just to remind you, the largest operational pv solar plants worldwide hover around 10 MW.

Its partners for these projects are Suntech (China), that will provide solar panels for the plant in Extremadura, and Powerlight (USA) to provide its Powertracker systems for both plants to maximize the panels´ energy generation.

– It has created a joint venture called Cape Trafalgar Marine Wind Consortium with the Spanish utility Endesa  to develop offshore wind power projects using technology that leverages know-how gained in oil rigs. Its subsidiary for wind energy (Enerfin) already participates in operative wind farms with total capacity of over 650 MW

Elecnor seeks a long-term presence in the US, offering its expertise in the design and construction of wind power plants. It already has opened a subsdiary in Texas and is looking for partnerships with other engineering or contracting firms.

It will take advantage of the opportunity offered by the Spain-US Investment Forum, an event that will bring 21 Spanish companies looking for investment and business development opportunities in Illinois and surrounding states. 

(For the record: The TC of Spain in Chicago and, specifically, your humble English-impaired correspondent are among the organizers)

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