For the 1st time, Wind power becomes Spain´s top energy source

Tree Hugger, via The Age, reported yesterday how, “taking advantage of a particularly gusty period, Spain’s wind energy generators this week have reached an all-time high in electricity production, exceeding power generated by any other source“.

Wind power generation rose to contribute 27 per cent of the country’s total power requirement, said a statement by the nation’s electricity network authority (Red Electrica).

Wind power contributed 8,375 mega watts to the nation’s power consumption of 31,033. Although we must consider that this is a peak, not an average, this is a symbolic moment for the wind industry, not just in Spain.

The special intermittent nature production of wind power means it is necessary to have a backup power system provided by other sources of energy. Therefore, forecasting, tracking and control functions related to this type of generation must be as accurate as possible.

Red electrica uses state-of-the art technology to capture, second by second the required data. You may see here real time wind power output measurements monitored by Red Eléctrica via tele-metering (representing 80% of the total installed).


Red electrica´s Power control Center (in charge of real time coordinated operation and supervision of the Spanish electricity network)

The Spanish Government´s objective is to reach 22,000 MW of installed capacity by 2010.   It had to revise its goals upwards as it realized the market was growing much faster than what it expected.

According to the Global Wind Energy Council, the countries with the highest total installed capacity in 2006 were Germany (20,621 MW), Spain (11,615 MW) and the USA (11,603 MW).

For the second year in a row,  the US was again the country with more new installed capacity in 2006 (2,454 MW).

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