US companies busy in the Spanish solar market

Business Week reports today that SunPower Corp., a maker of solar cells, on Tuesday said it agreed with two Spanish companies to build a solar electric power plant in Spain.

San Jose, Calif.-based SunPower said its subsidiary PowerLight agreed to develop the project with Spain’s Agrupacion Solar and Solarpack Corp. Tecnologica SL.

The plant will be located in Llerena (Extremadura) Spain, and will have capacity to generate 4.8 megawatts of power. Construction is expected to be complete by the end of 2007.

As I have mentioned elsewhere in the blog, Powerlight is also a key partner for other large solar projects in the same region of Spain (with Atersa).

But it is not the only American company with something going on in Spain. There are many types of collaboration, in all the fields that you can imagine.

Applied Materials, Inc. was recently awarded a milestone contract to provide T-Solar Global S.A.  with Europe’s first thin film solar module production line using ultra-large glass panels. These cost-efficient solar panels can achieve an an additional 25% reduction in the cost of solar electricity in installations such as large commercial rooftops and solar farms.

One of the leading American manufacturers of high concentration PV systems (HCPV), Amonix, has a partnership for the Spanish market with Guascor Foton. The latter is constructing a factory that is near its completion in Bilbao to assemble the CPV systems.

Sener, a Spanish company involved in different high-tech fields, is developing Solar Tres, what would be the first commercial CRS Tower Solar Power Plant (17 MW) using a molten salt storage system. It would build upon the experience and knowledge acquired in the pilot projects “Solar One” and Solar Two at the Mojave Desert, in California. (for a longer explanation of the project, read here).

index-picture-3-cesa1.jpgView of the PSA (Almeria Solar Platform) the largest solar test center in Europe, where the project Solar Tres is being tested out

These are only some examples that I have put together from recent readings, but I am sure the list could be much longer. Do we see a pattern developing here?

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    It is a positive step that the United States is entering the european

    energy market:

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