The Greenest City in the United States: Oakland, California

Oakland’s Skyline

According to a survey conducted by, the number one city in the United States for renewable energy is Oakland, California with 17% of its energy coming from renewable sources. Second place was a three-way tie between San Francisco, San Jose and Sacramento with 12% of their energy coming from renewable sources. In fact, six of the top ten greenest cities in the United States were in California.  San Diego came in 5th with 8% of its energy deriving from green sources and Los Angeles came in 7th with 5%. According to SustainLane the reason for the strong showing of Californian cities is due to the California’s Renewable Portfolio Standard that requires the state’s utilities to derive 20% of its energy from renewable sources. 

Chicago came in tenth place with 2.5%.  Chicago, using its own renewable portfolio standard, aims to have 20% of its energy come from renewable sources by 2010.

Here’s the ful top ten list:

1. Oakland, CA (17%)
2. Sacramento/SF/San Jose, CA (12%)*
3. Portland, OR (10%)
4. Boston (8.6%)
5. San Diego, CA (8%)
6. Austin, TX (6%)
7. Los Angeles, CA (5%)
8. Minneapolis, MN (4.5%)
9. Seattle, WA (3.5%)
10.  Chicago, IL (2.5%)


SustainLane US City Rankings data 2006/2007

 For the full report click here.

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