600 mirrors and a tower in Seville

It sounds like the beginning of a poem, but this time it is something else: solar power to, eventually, meet the needs of a city of 600,000 people without emitting a single puff of greenhouse gases. 

People like myself, working in manufacturing in Spain, sometimes are eager to remind foreigners that not everything in in the country revolves around “Sun and beaches”.

This special from the BBC about the new solar tower by Solucar in the outskirts of Seville, seems to prove that the first part of the tandem works for industry and technology as well as for tourism. Whoever has been to Seville in summer may tell you that it is certainly a good spot for a solar thermal power plant; they do not seem to be lacking sunrays, definitely. 

The article captures well the surreal effect of the tower from a distance: After all, it is  “A concrete tower – 40 storeys high (377 feet)- bathed in intense white light“. The effect is compounded by “the rays of sunlight reflected by a field of 600 huge mirrors – so intense they illuminate the water vapour and dust hanging in the air“.

All in all,  a really good article, and, what´s better, with a video to let you get the feeling of having been there in person (braving the heat, the reporter gets inside the tower and goes up to the very top).

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One Comment on “600 mirrors and a tower in Seville”

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