The completely sustainable house

(Tree Hugger reports:) Last week, Construmat, the biggest International Building Show, opened its doors in Barcelona. This year, the show has dedicated a whole pavilion to Sustainable Construction where it was possible to visit the R4House, designed by the Valencian architect Luis de Garrido.

The R4House prototype consists of two bioclimatic homes (one of 1615 sq. feet and a mini-flat of 323 sq. feet) made from materials that close the loop, such as bamboo and even wool as insulation. The energy consumption of both is zero due to its bioclimatic design with green roofs, the solar panels and the geothermal energy source. The waste production during construction is also zero. Both homes are modular and built from six recycled shipping containers; low-cost and allowing flexibility.


(Virtual model courtesy of Construible)

The 4 Rs stand for Reuse, Recover, Recycle and Reasoning with the latter being the most important says Garrido. “With the construction sector being very inert and sustainable architecture looking to establish itself, reasoning is required to redesign the construction process and lower its negative impact on the environment.” The construction materials as well as interior ones have been carefully chosen and are all recycled as well as recyclable. 28 companies from all sorts of fields have sponsored this effort.

Garrido proposes a concept that embraces “the beauty of imperfection” to mimimize the waste generated by an excess of design.

The R4House is however not only ecological but also economical in terms of pricing. The construction cost of the 1615 sq. feet space is $80,946 and the small home costs $16,189.

Via: Construible (in Spanish only)

Link from the Trade Show: Construmat

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8 Comments on “The completely sustainable house”

  1. Oliver Olson Says:

    Is this plan for sale to be built?

  2. Claude Says:

    I love the architectual design of this sustainable home. I also love that its eco-friendly and easy on the pockets as well! I’m gonna build one!

  3. Miguel Calvo Says:

    I am interested to get all technological and financial assistance to buil 100 houses in a small town of Mexico, with all economical resources approved. Thanks

  4. That home is so cozy! It must be 1 million dollars. Can’t afford it.

  5. Hi Daylanna: Believe it or not, that COULD be worth $1 million, but if you go with traditional building materials, it’s going to be worth at least 3x or 4x as much!

  6. nsiimenta Says:

    why show us wallpappers

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