Hydrogen powered Bioclimatic villages


Scale model (Courtesy of Aldeas bioclimaticas)

One of the main lines of work of  the European Union in the field of energy is to support clean technologies and the use of hydrogen both in public transportation as in homes.


Following those guidelines, new projects are being developed with the aim of putting together new designs and solutions to bring new residential areas closer to the concept of sustainability. 


One of these iniatives is H2PIA, the self-styled world´s first hydrogen city, in Denmark.


Another project is called Bioclimatic Villages (Aldeas bioclimaticas) in the outskirts of Albacete (Spain). It will house around 10,000 persons. It consists of 2,800 units with autonomous energy generation systems and, for the first time in Europe, a micro-network of hydrogen for domestic purposes, connecting buildings, offices and homes, so that this clean energy generated is shared and redistributed.

Hydrogen will also power the neighborhood´s public transportation system. The concept will be taken even further, as Albacete will become the  second European city, after Munich, to have the equivalent of a gas station for hydrogen. Other features of the residential complex are an incubator of technology companies and a broadband Internet connection for all homes, using the neighborhood´s website as a potent and innovative way to articulate the community, developed by the R+D platform I2CAT.

The regional government is supporting this initiative, that has enlisted an impressive list of renowned architects, such as Vicente Guallart, the Director of the Institute for Advanced Architecture from Catalonia, Ben van Berkel, author of the Mercedez Benz museum and finalist of the Mies van der Rohe award, Yung Ho Chang and Shigeru Bahn, the creator of the Pompidou Center in Metz (France).  

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