Applus+ Home Inspections Helps Consumers Identify Eco-friendly Home Options

In a special report about business and climate change, the Economist reports that, according to Vattenfall, a Swedish utility that has quantified the best – i.e., most economic – ways to cut carbon emissions, insulation improvements are the best option available.

A similar conclusion was reached by a recent report from the U.N., that points to energy conservation as one of the main ways to counter the effects of climate change. 

Unfortunately, these options do not generally get the attention they deserve. Nevertheless, consumers can make a huge difference in supporting conservation efforts. Purchasing an eco-friendly home is one of the biggest contributions that individual citizens can do to fight climate change, and at the same time, save on their energy bills.

foto3.gifSo it is good news to hear about initiatives like this one: the Chicago-based company Applus+ , a global leader in certification and inspection, has recently announced the launch of Applus+ Home Inspections, an environmentally-conscious company whose goal is to help American consumers identify areas in their homes that can benefit from an energy audit – ultimately helping them to choose greener homes.

These innovative inspection technologies and techniques are tailored to the higher environmental housing standards in the European Union.  Applus+ Home Inspections currently offers its customers energy audit services, which include a set of energy-efficient improvements that help reduce energy costs. An extensive energy audit report is generated for customers, containing estimates of the savings and costs involved in implementing each recommendation.  

Applus+ Home Inspections is also currently pursuing future partnerships with other environmentally-friendly companies and government programs such as Energy Star. “Like many other companies, our goal is to provide consumers around the world with effective ways to undertake meaningful conservation measures in their everyday life,” says Jonathan Donado, CEO of Applus+ Home Inspections. “Today, certain technologies exist which can be used to provide citizens with solutions that assure them that they are choosing the right home, both for themselves and for the environment.”

Innovative Technology

Introduced in Illinois for the first time by Applus+ Home Inspections, thermal imaging provides a highly technological, non-invasive, non-destructive analysis that alerts home buyers to potential problems residing inside the walls of a property which are not otherwise visible to the naked eye. Thanks to this technology, home buyers can now better protect their investment by detecting concealed issues, such as hidden electrical, water, or insulation troubles, before they make a final decision to buy a home.

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