First silicon plant in Spain for solar panels

Siliken, a dynamic Spanish manufacturer of solar panels, has taken a step that will guarantee the supply of the essential raw material for their ambitious expansion plans.

They are currently building what will be Spain´s first silicon plant, thus getting ahead of another Spanish manufacturer with similar plans, Isofoton. The latter partnered with the utility Endesa for the construction of a polysilicon plant in the Southern province of Cadiz (Andalusia) that is scheduled to be operational by 2009.

Siliken is a young company that has been tripling its turnover each year since its inception seven years ago. Their dizzying growth has led to the need for this plant that will have a price tag of more than $135 million dollars and an initial output of 1,500 tonnes per year.

One of the advantages favoring their expansion is the fact that they design and build their own machinery as well. Carlos Navarro, their CEO, boasts that they can have a new line in operation in two months after a decision to expand capacity.

Among the plans they have for the future are the possibility of going public and of opening a plant to manufacture solar panels in California. In fact, they are going to be in Long Beach in September, for the Solar Power Conference and Expo (booth 1006).

If the company finally decides to go public, it will be following a well-beaten path. There has been a recent flurry of activity in the Spanish stock market in this field with a string of very successful IPOs of companies like Fersa or Solaria.

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2 Comments on “First silicon plant in Spain for solar panels”

  1. Zami Ben-Chorin Says:

    Dear Sir
    Your company was highly recomended by Mr. Manuel Schmidth from Spelberg Photovoltaik Co. in Germany.
    I would like to know weather your company is accepting dealership aplications from Israel.
    Best Regards
    Zami Ben-Chorin
    Gaea Solar Co.

  2. Jlbrice Says:

    Hi, Are you a solar dealer? I can forward your information to the company if you are.

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