A solar-powered AC unit that could cut utility bills

Source: ACR News

Spanish inventors have created a highly energy-efficient Air conditioning unit.

munusup_logo.gifThe Rotartica invented by the Spanish firm of the same name, is being tested by US researchers at Oak Ridge National Lab who say it could well be the most advanced air conditioner around.

The air conditioning unit’s heat pump spins, using centrifugal forces to dramatically improve the heat and mass transfer inside the unit, making it more efficient, leading to reduced utility bills.

The solar-powered model uses natural refrigerants that are harmless to the ozone layer and the unit operates without cooling towers.

Ac units used in US schools and businesses are routinely damaged by thieves keen to steal its copper, which costs $2.75 a pound. The US will be pleased to hear that although the Rotartica looks similar to standard units used in the country, the invention has no copper inside it. The machine was made in Spain for a coastal environment and has a steel outdoor coil.

A small camera inside the ac unit allows US researchers and Rotartica‘s inventors to monitor the unit’s performance from a computer screen 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Researchers expect the Rotartica unit will be available for purchase in the US within two years.

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3 Comments on “A solar-powered AC unit that could cut utility bills”

  1. Or, you can see it in person at the 2007 Solar Decathlon.

  2. lbrice Says:

    Thanks for the tip, Andy, I certainly hope I can make it to the Solar Decathlon. It certainly seems a really cool type of competition. I covered it here some time ago (focusing mostly on the Spanish team, he, he), but I will try to write something else about it.

    Good luck if you are going to be competing !!

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