Spanish Group FCC buys two US oil waste treatment firms from Siemens

FCC has acquired from Siemens Water Technologies Corp. (SWT) its two US subsidiaries specialised in treatment and recovery of industrial oils and other ancillary services to the oil industry: Hydrocarbon Recovery Services Inc. (HRS) and International Petroleum Corp.

The two companies will be integrated into FCC Ámbito, the group’s industrial waste management division.

The operation cost 182.5 million dollars. As a result, FCC will become the second-largest player in this field in the USA. FCC is a diversified group with business areas that range from construction to environmental services to infrastructure management.

HRS and International Petroleum operate in 21 states in the Mid-Atlantic, South-East and South Central regions of the USA, an area with a total population of 160 million.

The acquired group, which is based in Houston, Texas, has 38 industrial plants, a fleet of 362 vehicles, and 528 employees. It is expected to obtain 140 million dollars in revenues in 2008.

The group makes a major contribution to sustainability by converting waste into products that act as an alternative to fossil fuels.

The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) estimates that recycled oil uses just one-third of the energy of the equivalent amount of crude. It also states that 64 litres of oil are required to make a litre of lubricant oil, but that it takes only 1.6 litres of used oil to make 1 litre of usable recycled oil.

Based on the EPA’s figures, the 300 million litres of reused oil and the 250 million litres of hydrocarbon-contaminated water that are recycled and reused avoid the use of 13 billion litres of fossil fuel per year, i.e. equivalent to 130 supertankers full of crude oil each year, or 2.5 supertankers each week.

Additionally, the recovery of metal components from over 30 million oil filters that are processed each year produces 5,300 tonnes of steel, and the over 1.2 million liters of solvent used in the process are recovered for reuse.

The acquisition is a further step in the FCC’s strategy of expanding in the USA and strengthening its environmental management activities. FCC currently employs 1,800 people in its industrial waste division, which manages more than three million tons of waste and generates turnover of $439.7 million in 86 plants.

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One Comment on “Spanish Group FCC buys two US oil waste treatment firms from Siemens”

  1. Eric Boswelle Says:

    The USA component is in chaos. There is gross abuse of the drivers forcing them (under threat of losing their jobs) to work very long hours and not reporting those hours on their DOT logs, not providing them proper safety equipment; they discriminate against older workers; there is no upward career paths in the organization; employees are abusive to other employees; some of their salesmen promise service that is impossible; and the list can go on and on. Perhaps the FCC or another federal agency should look into the USA operations.

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