Applying aeronautical know-how to the design of wind turbine blades

AEROBLADE is a newly founded Spanish aeronautical company for the design, development and production of wind turbine blades. It is part of the SYNERGY Group, that also includes the aerospace company AERNNOVA.

Aernnova provides design and engineering of large aircraft sections for clients such as Embraer, Bombardier and Boeing. It opened an engineering center in Ann Arbor (Michigan) last year.

Wind turbine with blades in V-position for service and maintenance
Wind turbine with blades in V-position for service and maintenance

Aeroblade has its main offices, an engineering center and a plant for the production of molds for the wind generator blades at the Bizkaia Technology Park (Basque Country), as well as a plant for the manufacture of the blades themselves in Vitoria, a neighboring province in the same region.

The company was created at at an excellent time in the market of wind turbine blade manufacturing, with an anticipated fast growing demand over the next fifteen years. AEROBLADE will be able to take advantage of the synergies within the aerospace group to which it belongs, applying innovative aeronautic engineering in the design, structural calculation and certification of the product. Its aim is to introduce innovations both in the manufacturing process and the product itself, through new aerodynamic concepts and composite materials.

The company employs more than 400 staff and has recently announced a 43 million Euro ($68 million) investment in a new production facility in the province of Cadiz, in the south of Spain (more than 2 million sq. feet) for the development of a new range of blades for 1.5-3MW turbines.

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