Spanish Businesses lead Europe in Ecological Certification

Via: Spanish Market

For the third year running, Spain leads the European table for the supreme award in ecological certification.

ISO 14001 is an internationally recognised standard for the environmental management of companies and their related business and manufacturing sites. It recommends controls for those activities that have an effect on the environment. Businesses are judged by their use of natural resources, handling and treatment of waste and energy consumption, compliance with air/water quality standards, noise, and other criteria.

There were no big surprises for Spain in this year’s annual list, published last week by The International Standards Organization which awards the certificates to each country. Spain continues leading Europe for the third consecutive year with a total of 13,852 certificates, 24.5% more than the previous year, widening the gap with Italy, which has the second most ecological companies in Europe.

AENOR (Spanish Standards and Certification Association), the institution which awards most ISO certificates in Spain, highlights the service and construction sectors as those where most environmental management certificates are awarded, followed by the chemical, oil and automotive sectors.

ISO 14001, with its more than 150,000 certificates in 148 different countries continues to symbolize an advantage for all those businesses competing in state or multinational company tenders. “Public administration services are putting more and more emphasis on the requirement of environmental certification in contract bidding. And this is not limited to 14001. The government has announced that companies with energy efficiency certification will have priority in tenders for public sector contracts”, said Jaime Fontanals, New Products Director at AENOR. 

Green stamps are becoming more and more sought after and companies are demanding certification which values particular aspects of their activity. In response to this demand, AENOR has just launched its compensatory carbon dioxide emissions certificate applicable to events, companies, products, services, transport and buildings. The International Oil Congress held in Madrid this summer, and the International Pharmaceutical Congress held at the end of October, have been the first to adopt it.

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