Titan Tracker finishes a CPV project for the ISFOC

TITAN TRACKER in pv system

TITAN TRACKER has just completed a demonstration project for the delivery of a solar tracker for concentrating  photovoltaic systems (CPV) at the ISFOC facilities, a research center that is a world reference in that field, from the Castilla-La Mancha region in Spain. TITAN TRACKER is a technology firm specialized in the manufacturing and commercialization of dual-axis solar trackers. The product (Titan tracker 122-219 ATR Precision) is a new concept in solar trackers and has been developed for flat-plate and high concentrating photovoltaics (CPV),  offering high reliability and extreme accuracy.

It breaks with the usual design based on mounted-pole systems, and is claimed to offer improved benefits during the whole life-cycle of the installation. This cutting-edge technology provides a provides adjustable accuracy better than 0.01 degrees, thanks to the stiffness and rigidity of its 3D structure and a geometry based on five support points, making it possibly the most accurate and reliable solar tracker around the world.

It move continuously in azimuth, whereas the rest of the trackers move  intermittently with thousands of starts and stops every day, generating a stress which may seriously compromise  their reliability.

More advantages of the ATR Precision trackers:  The foundations are minimal, therefore important savings in materials (up to 35% less concrete and 85% less steel) can be achieved. Formwork is not needed, thereby reducing the need of specialized staff.

The main results of this project will be presented by TITAN TRACKER at the CPV Summit, an International Conference about concentrating solar technologies, which will take place in San Diego (California) next February (3 and 4).

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2 Comments on “Titan Tracker finishes a CPV project for the ISFOC”

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  2. Quaid J. Surti Says:

    May we request you to send us details of your tracking systems as we are planning to develop CPV modules and systems primarily for rooftop applicatins.


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