Update on CSP solar projects in Spain

– Madrid-based renewable outfit Grupo Ibereolica has signed an agreement with La Coruna, Spain-based energy conglomerate Inveravante to jointly start construction of two 50 MW concentrating solar power (CSP) solar thermal power plants in Andalucia and Extremadura, Spain. The two companies plan to build and operate eight solar projects in Spain. The first two plants will use parabolic through technology and will produce 50MW each. They The 50 MW solar plants will use parabolic technology and be prepared for future upgrading to salt storage and biomass hybridization to increase night production. The agreement calls for Inveravante to replicate the same mechanisms at two additional plants.

– Acciona Energy has started construction on a 50 MW concentrated solar power (CSP) plant at Majadas de Tiétar in Cáceres, Spain, representing an investment of 237 million euros (US$303.7 million). The facility, planned to enter service in summer 2010, will use solar trough technology to produce electricity equivalent to the power consumption of 30,000 homes. In June 2009, Acciona expects to start construction work on its fourth CSP plant, Palma del Río I. Finally, Acciona is also going through administrative procedures for a fifth CSP plant, Alvarado II.

– Abantia will invest 128 million euros in the first CSP plant in Catalonia (in the province of Lleida). With a capacity of 25 MW, it will also be based in parabolic trough technology.

– Aries Ingenieria is building the  largest comprehensive solar power project in Europe, uniting thermoelectric and photovoltaic technology facilities with a combined power of 230 MW in Ciudad Real (Castile-La Mancha). The project, by the name of ASTE, comprises four thermoelectric solar facilities of 50 MW each, with parabolic cylinder and 8-hour thermal storage technology. A state-of-the-art 30 MW photovoltaic solar facility will complete the project.

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One Comment on “Update on CSP solar projects in Spain”

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