Albiasa Solar to build a 200 MW Concentrating Solar Power plant in Arizona

Albiasa Corporation has chosen Arizona as the new location for the renewable energy firm’s development headquarters and has selected a site near Kingman as the future location of its 200 megawatt (MW) concentrating solar power (CSP) plant. Assisted by the Arizona Department of Commerce, Albiasa’s projects are expected to create up to 2,000 construction jobs and more than 100 permanent jobs. The company recently opened a sales, marketing, and engineering office in Phoenix to serve as its Arizona headquarters. 

Albiasa, a Spanish company with operations in the U.S., has been in business since 1974 but began developing technology for concentrated solar power starting in 2004. The company has several photovoltaic solar plants in Spain and one 50-megawatt concentrated solar power plant  under construction.

“The arrival of Albiasa Corporation is yet another big step toward establishing Arizona as a leader in the sustainable industries sector, creating stable jobs that will help diversify our state’s economy,” said Governor Jan Brewer. “We are pleased to welcome Albiasa to Arizona, and commend the company for choosing our great state as the site for its solar plant”.

“Arizona is a natural location for our first major US project due to the solar and transmission resources,” said Jesse Tippett, Albiasa Corporation’s U.S. operations director. A good regulatory climate was also mentioned as a factor in the election of Arizona for this project.  “We look forward to doing business here, and thank the Department of Commerce and business attraction manager Verily Keenan and Mohave County for all they have done to make us welcome.”

Albiasa Solar has worked for years in Spain to improve the parabolic trough technology, making overall operation and cost of CSP more efficient.  The Albiasa trough collector has been assessed as the most efficient parabolic trough system in the world.

“The Albiasa Kingman project involves over $1 billion capital investment and will generate annually, with molten salt thermal storage, more than 665,000 MWh of renewable solar energy when completed in 2013,” said Albert Fong, Albiasa Corporation’s Chief Project Engineer. 

The state likely will see more such projects, as the Albiasa deal is one of several that Department of Commerce officials are working on, said Kent Ennis, interim director at the department. “We hope to soon announce several projects in the state,” he said. 

The plant is the second concentrated solar power facility to choose Arizona. Abengoa Solar announced last year it is building a 280-megawatt solar plant near Gila Bend that would sell power to Arizona Public Service.

Although the plant will be located in the state, power may go elsewhere. Tippett said Albiasa is negotiating with utilities in Arizona and elsewhere about buying the power.

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11 Comments on “Albiasa Solar to build a 200 MW Concentrating Solar Power plant in Arizona”

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    • joe Says:

      we have 120 acres of land on north stockton hill rd, kingman,az all flat and very close to the new proposed solar plant at red lake we need to sell

      joe’ 702-567-1400

  2. Jeanne Croft Says:

    How can I get in touch with the Phoenix Development Engineer Arturo Alvarez. I have registered to be a vendor for your Solar Plants projects but have not heard back from anyone as of yet. Please give me a call at 602-265-6160 Thank you so much!

  3. I’m a realtor in the Kingman area and would like the oppurtunity to do business with potential employees. We offer homes for rent or sale and of course lots and land. Please feel to contact me if I can be of service to you.

  4. Don Wolfe Says:

    We are a manufactures representative in Arizona and represent various product lines that could be used on this project as well as other projects you may be involved in. Who would be the contact person on the mechanical pipe, hangers and supports portion of this project? If you could furnish us with the contact name and phone number we would appreciate that.

    Thank you for your time.
    Don Wolfe

  5. Tippy Canoe Says:

    Why in the world would anyone solicit business at this site rather than contact the company headquarters or the Phoenix office as listed in the promotion?

    The company is headquartered in Spain and Google will find them, their address and the appropriate offices to assist you.

    Uff Da!

  6. joe Says:

    we have 120 acres of land on north stockton hill rd, kingman,az all flat and very close to the new proposed solar plant at red lake we need to sell

    • joe Says:

      120 acres is at the 26 mile marker on north stockton hill rd, kingman,az a prime spot for solar energy plant

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  8. prkralex Says:

    Phoenix Solar Thin-Film Photovoltaic plant, located near Changi North Industrial Park, is Singapore’s biggest thin-film photovoltaic (PV) power plant. It was designed and built by the Singaporean subsidiary of Phoenix Solar, a German company. At 400kWp installed capacity, it is also the world’s biggest installation of 5.7m² tandem junction PV panels. Its an amazing structure.

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