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Ten High Ranking Officials from California Visit Spain’s Renewable Energy Sites

June 30, 2009

The Spanish Institute for Foreign Trade, ICEX, has organized a fact-finding visit from June 28 to July 3 for 10 high ranking officials from California, as the leading US state in the development of renewable energy, to reinforce the relations between Spain and the Golden State. It will also serve the purpose of allowing the participants to share best practices and know more about their respective regulatory systems to promote renewable energy.

The visit is part of ICEX´s commitment to showcase Spanish capabilities in technology products and services in the American market.  Among the activities scheduled are meetings with the Spanish Secretary of the State of Commerce, Silvia Iranzo, bilateral discussions with leading Spanish companies in the industry and guided tours of some landmark projects developed and managed by Spanish firms.

The group includes representatives from the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC), Energy Commission, Environmental Protection Agency and L.A. City Hall and Water and Power Dpt.

Some of the highlights include visits to Acciona HQ in Madrid and the Iberdrola‘s Control Center for Renewable Energy (CORE)  in Toledo. The CORE facility serves a key role in helping to integrate and manage intermittent renewables on the national grid.

CORE center in Toledo, courtesy of Iberdrola

This visit complements a previous one to the Control Center of Renewable Energies (CECRE) from the Spanish Grid operator, Red Electrica. CECRE is  a worldwide pioneering initiative to monitor and control these energy resources. It allows the maximum amount of production from renewable energy sources, especially wind energy, to be integrated into the power system under secure conditions with constant updates of available renewable energy. You may learn more about the CECRE through a video here.

Panoramic view of the PS10 solar power plant

Panoramic view of the PS10 solar power plant

The third part of the visit includes guided tours to the Solucar Solar Platform in Seville (Abengoa Solar) and the largest thermosolar power plant in Europe, Andasol, in the province of Granada, built by ACS Cobra and SENER.


FCC to invest in two thermo-solar plants in Spain

June 10, 2009

The Spanish Group FCC is planning to invest between  500 and 600 million euros in two thermosolar or CSP plants in Córdoba and Alicante (Spain) with a capacity of 50 MW each, said Baldomero Falcones, CEO of the Group, at a Shareholders’  meeting yesterday in Barcelona.

FCC will hold a 67%  interest in the project in Cordoba, where it will partner with the EPC firm Abantia. The second plant, in Alicante, will be 70 % owned by FCC with  Enerstar as a partner.  The engineering group Técnicas Reunidas will complete the project.

FCC is also stepping up its activities in energy efficiency, through its subsidiary Portland Valderribas and a possible acquisition of a company specialised in this field.