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Parsons and TSK establish and alliance to develop CSP projects

July 28, 2009

Parsons has signed a strategic alliance agreement with TSK, a Spanish energy and industrial engineering firm.  This strategic partnership  by Parsons and TSK will provide Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) technology applications in North America and the Middle East. CSP has proven an effective and efficient technology for generating merchant class solar power at levels from 20 to 500 megawatts.

Parsons, an engineering, construction, and technical and management services firm headquartered in Pasadena, California, brings to the partnership the ability to deliver large solar projects from planning and environmental permitting through startup.

TSK is completing two CSP projects in Spain that incorporate thermal storage—storing heat in molten salts, providing for generation of solar-powered energy 24/7. It also has experience in developing photovoltaic plants. Spain has long been a leader in solar power, driven by long-term support from the Spanish government.

“CSP with thermal storage should find a very large market in the Sunbelt of North America and throughout the Middle East,” said Mike Walsh, president of Parsons Commercial Technology Group. “The combination of Parsons’ resources and reputation in the market and TSK’s experience and expertise with CSP with thermal storage will provide utilities, power districts, and independent power producers with an elegant option for base load renewable power to meet large-scale renewable power requirements.”

Until recently, the plants have been limited to “peaker” service, since solar could only produce power when the sun is shining. That has now changed; CSP can produce power around the clock and be a base load generator. Having the ability to produce solar power around the clock is a “game changer” in the rapidly moving solar and renewable power field. Thus, Parsons and TSK look forward to working together on this important undertaking.