Trade Commission of Spain in Chicago

This is the blogsite of a group of workers at the Trade Commission of Spain in Chicago. It will feature business developments concerning issues affecting both Spanish and American companies and economies. It will encourage a debate about some of the most important topics our economies are facing: the environment, alternative sources of energy and how to maintain and improve the country’s infrastructure. All of them present some acute problems where technology and innovation can play a big role and do what they are supposed to do: to make everyone´s life better.

It will also bring you some of the steps Spanish companies and researchers are taking, be it locally or globally, with a special focus on U.S. related issues or implications.


5 Comments on “Trade Commission of Spain in Chicago”

  1. I am pleased to send you the last post I’ve wrote in my blog
    Spanish firm to sell ‘green’ electricity to California
    Kind regrads
    Jesús Maria
    PD Fell free to link my blog from your page, I would be reaally delighted you do it. If you don´t mind I shal link yours from mine.

  2. lbrice Says:

    Thank you for the tip about the post. I will comment on it and include the link to your blog, it is interesting.

  3. That’s great that countries are pulling together to share their resources of green electricity.


    I am interested in this green and envoirenment friendly technology , would also interested to market this in my country India and state Goa.

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