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Ingeteam to open a renewable energy components plant in Milwaukee

February 18, 2010

Ingeteam, Inc., a supplier to the wind and solar energy industries, will establish a new plant in Milwaukee that will specialize in designing renewable energy products. The company intends to begin construction on the project in April so it can be finished by the end of the year.

Ingeteam has its headquarters in Bilbao, Spain, and is made up of 28 companies employing more than 3,500 people. Besides the field of renewable energy, the company is present in the following  areas:  railway traction, marine, combined heat and power, the iron and steel industry and hydraulic machines.

The production facility will be approximately 100,000 square feet in size and will focus on manufacturing its Indar-brand wind power generators and Ingeteam converters, as well as solar power inverters. When working at its full capacity, the plant will be capable of producing 7,500 megawatts of green energy every year. It will create as many as 60 jobs in 2011 and 275 jobs by 2015.

“After carefully analyzing our company’s needs, we selected Milwaukee for our new production facility because the city is conveniently located for distribution of our products and has a solid industrial base from which Ingeteam can source materials,” said Ander Gandiaga, Ingeteam’s corporate director for international development.  Aitor Sotes, CEO of Ingeteam’s U.S. subsidiary, also mentioned the city’s skilled work force, local college programs and state requirements for renewable energy.

At the moment, Ingeteam has a 12-15 percent market share of the worldwide wind power component market. However, it has room to grow in America and will use the Milwaukee plant as a means to do so.  The new factory is going to make possible the production of equipment for the equivalent of 7,500 MW each year. In these facilities, several ranges of converter/generator products will be manufactured, covering ranges from 1.5 to 5 MW of power for wind usage. In the medium term, Ingeteam plans  to endow the plant with the capacity to perform joint testing of complete equipment. For the solar photovoltaic market, the production of converters (inverters) will cover the range from 2.5 to 500 kW

Ingeteam has a unit in Santa Clara, California, for sales of solar photovoltaic inverters and is also present in Mequon, Wisconsin, carrying out wind turbine operation and maintenance activities. Through this activity, Ingeteam today manages more than 2,200 MW distributed over 60 wind farms all over the world.

In addition, Ingeteam has an important experience in water management, through its brand Indar Hydraulic Equipment, a leading pumps manufacturer. Indar started its commercial activity in the USA in 2003. Currently, it supplies submersible pumping equipment.



Rockford Construction joins with Spanish company Berge to help develop wind farms

March 16, 2009

Madrid, Spain-based Bergé Logística Energética and Grand Rapids-based Rockford Construction last week announced the formation of Rockford Bergé, an organization combining wind farm construction with comprehensive logistical services. 

Rockford Bergé will focus its initial efforts in Michigan with plans to service the entire Great Lakes region. Rockford Bergé is a one-of-a-kind company in Michigan, offering construction and logistical services for clients who wish to construct wind farms,” said Mike VanGessel, president and CEO of Rockford Construction. “With this unique combination of expertise, Rockford Bergé will provide utilities and municipalities that wish to develop wind farms with a cost-efficient, deadline-oriented partner.”

Rockford Construction was recently ranked as a Top 50 Green Contractor by Engineering News-Record. Bergé has expertise in many aspects of energy infrastructure logistics, including transporting massive turbine parts from around the world. Approximately half of the parts for wind turbines in the United States currently come from overseas as the support industries are being developed in North America.

“Data analysis indicates that Michigan offers some of the best opportunities in the nation to capture wind energy,” said Jorge Gonzalez, Bergé project manager. “Currently, Michigan ranks 22nd in the nation in terms of the amount of power being generated from wind, producing nearly 130 megawatts of power. But it is 14th in terms of wind abundance. That gap between power generation and wind abundance is an indicator of a largely untapped market.” 

The Right Place, a nonprofit economic development organization serving Greater Grand Rapids, helped bring the two companies together. The Right Place, in partnership with the West Michigan Strategic Alliance, commissioned a study on the wind industry in Michigan in 2008. The study identified organizations already in the region, such as Rockford Construction, with the expertise needed to construct wind farms. It also identified needs that would not be met by companies in the region, such as logistics, and found leaders in these categories, such as Bergé, that could fill those needs.